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Range of Symptoms - Mild / Moderate

The severity of fragile X syndrome varies from person to person.
It is not possible to predict how severely affected a person with fragile X syndrome will be.
Below are two case examples that show how the severity of fragile X syndrome can differ.

Case 1. Emily - Mild

Emily had a number of learning difficulties and needed extra help at school. She had a maths disability and despite ongoing extra tuition, this has significantly reduced her choices for further study. She is extremely shy in social situations and has been on medication to treat her anxiety disorder. She is now married and is planning to have a family, though she is worried about her risk of having a child with FXS.

Case 2. Joshua - Moderate

Joshua has a mild intellectual disability and some autistic-like behaviours. Joshua attended a mainstream school with the support of a classroom aid. He now lives at home with his parents and works part-time at the local supermarket through a work place support program.

The following brief movies may help you to understand more about what it is like to have FXS