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Range of Symptoms - Severe

The case and the movies below are examples of boys who are more severely affected with fragile X syndrome.

Case 3. Matthew

Matthew has severe intellectual disability and ADHD. He has behaviour therapy to help control his aggressive outbursts. Matthew has difficulty speaking and had speech therapy every week throughout his childhood. He attended a special school and he now lives in a supported home for people with a disability where he has constant adult supervision.

The following brief movies may help you to understand more about what it is like to have FXS

Boy 1, age 11

This boy is quite small for his age. He has limited speech and has Major Anxiety Disorder presenting as extremely difficult behaviour, agitation, and aggression which can be improved with medication.

His behaviour is improved about an hour after taking Efexor 75mg (an SSRI ie selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor). He is now able to concentrate sufficiently to thread and tie his shoelaces.

Boy 2, age 6

This boy is attempting to match letters with their shapes.

Boy 3, age 15

This boy has limited speech and exhibits gaze-aversion. Note that he has been hand-biting.

Boy 4, age 14.

This boy has very limited speech, uses some hand signing and has quite severe autistic-like features. He has the classic FXS facial features.